Protect your crew for as little as $0.20/hour per person!

For Successful Businesses Involved in the Building Industry
and Their Full-Time Employees


accident income replacement


accidental death or dismemberment
Add optional coverage for Drugs, Dental, Travel, Critical Illness, and more!

Businesses in the building industry often struggle to source adequate and cost-effective benefits for themselves and their employees.

We have a solution

The Builders Benefits Plan allows you to set up an affordable plan with as few as 3 people.

As low as $0.20/hour per person per month!

Plan Advantages

  • We pick up the phone. Your employees can easily reach us for help.
  • No medical questionnaire required to join.
  • Easily submit claims by taking a picture through our mobile app.
  • Convenience of a prescription drug card.
  • Dentists can send us claims electronically.
  • Added flexibility with Health Care Spending Accounts for enhanced coverage.
  • Every covered employee receives a benefits booklet, drug/dental card, and travel package.
  • Full access to ConnectUs HR Toolkits.
  • Quick reimbursement by Direct Deposit.
  • Monthly billing with easy PAP.
  • Quick claims turnaround in 1 to 3 business days.

Participation Guidelines

  • Minimum 3 Employees including you, the business owner.
  • Eligible Employees must work a minimum of 24 hours per week.
  • Part Time Employees can be covered with a Health Care Spending Account.
  • Waiting period for Full Time Employees is three (3) months unless waived in full by the Employer upon enrollment. The waiting period does not apply to Eligible Employees currently on payroll as of effective date of benefits plan.
  • Coverage ceases at age 70.
  • Health Care Spending Account contributions must be fully employer-funded in accordance with Revenue Canada guidelines.
  • Plan will renew annually on your policy anniversary date.
Unique benefits to help you protect and retain great employees!
Covers accidents on or off the job site!

The Smart Business Owner Benefits Plan

For companies with 1 to a handful of people

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I eligible?
Yes, if you own and operate a profitable Canadian business in the building industry and have 3 or more full-time employees (including yourself).
As the owner, what are the advantages of setting up a benefits plan through my business?
You already pay for medical and dental expenses for you and your family, so doesn’t it make sense to pay them through your business in the most tax-effective way possible?

If you add a Health Care Spending Account, you can use it to make sure all your health and dental care expenses (including the portions not covered by the main plan) are covered and 100% of the cost is a tax-deductible business expense when administered through a benefits plan.

What about my employees?
A benefits plan is seen as a valuable part of the compensation by employees. It helps attract and retain them, especially in a tight job market. In fact, this plan is unique in the building industry, offering coverage you can’t find anywhere else. Your employees will see that you care and they’ll feel more confident knowing they have some financial protection in case of an accident, in addition to coverage for day-to-day prescription drug and dental expenses.

You can build your plan with different benefits for different groups of employees. It’s a no-brainer. You’ll save money and gain protection for your family and employees.

What if I have multiple business partners?
No problem. Our plan can accommodate all partners.
We will work with you to find what works best for you.

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